The Rivers

Referred to as "Sister Rivers", The Chetco and Smith are short coastal streams. The beautiful Smith River located in the redwoods about 10 miles north of Crescent City. It produces some of the biggest salmon and steelhead in California. In fact, the Smith holds the CA state record steelhead, which is 28.5 pounds. The Chetco, located just a few miles further north near Brookings Oregon, also produces some whoppers. Both rivers fluctuate with Winter & Spring rains. They are known for trophy fish, Chinook salmon ranging up to 50 lbs. and steelhead from 10 to 20 lbs. make quite a thrilling fishing experience.
Smith and Chetco Rivers
Often called the "Steelhead Capital of the World", the scenic Klamath River flows through a wide variety of terrain covering 180 miles from Iron Gate Dam near Hornbrook California to the ocean.

More steelhead is caught on the Klamath than on any other river on the West Coast due to its stable year round fishing conditions. An average sized Klamath steelhead is 3 1/2 to 5 pounds. There are a variety of methods I use to catch this steelhead, from fly-fishing in the fall to drifting bait in the winter. The gear used here is very light for that great fight all fishermen look for. The steelhead on this river run from late September through January.

For trout fishermen the Klamath is a great place that is virtually unknown. In the spring the rainbows are plentiful, with 50 to 100 fish days not uncommon. The fly-fishing is great in May and June and gets even better when the salmon fly hatch is on. The trout average about 12 inches, with many over 3 pounds and I have landed them as big as 8 pounds.

The salmon is a very popular and hard fighting fish. The season is short, lasting only one month on the Upper Klamath. The average size of this powerful fish is in the 15-pound range.
Klamath River
Located in Northern California on the coast, the Lower Klamath River boasts numbers of hard fighting Salmon in all sizes.

Klamath River boasts two separate runs of king salmon; Springers enter the river from mid-May through mid-July, and the fall run occurs from early August through late October. Klamath River salmon average 8 to 15 pounds but can reach weights of 40 pounds and larger.
Lower Klamath River

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